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Market Expertise & Optimising Decisions <br> <br> AssetOrb can advise you in all areas relating to machinery and equipment, stock, trademark law as well as other tangible and intangible assets. We offer object-specific as well as generic valuations and value-pattern services, particularly in relation to the financing of capital assets.

Asset valuations can be required for:

  • Determination of the fair market value under planned or forced circumstances
  • Financing of assets
  • Price check for new investments
  • Internal relocation of plant and machinery
  • Reqirements of the financial accounting
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Estimation of reinvestment budgets
  • Calculations of insured losses
  • Legal disputes
  • Insolvencies

Our valuation process is based on an evaluation of the current physical value in line with depreciation, and expected revenue to be obtained through sale on the open market. Valuers at AssetOrb therefore actively observe market tendencies and have a wide network of data-sources at their disposal. Sources of information include an in-depth, AssetOrb historical-database, which contains all information pertaining to our previous auctions and sales. This offers our clients accurate, consistent and reliable valuations that reduce risk and provide assurance for future projects.

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Asset sales & auctions

Comprehensive Project Execution - Reliable Support

As part of our complete service package, AssetOrb is able to control the whole of your disposition and project execution processes, thus freeing up valuable personnel within your company. Complex challenges alongside tight timeframes and deadlines are our business, regardless of whether it involves a single machine, multiple machines or a complete production line. We will provide you with a direct point of contact, who will make sure that you are kept up to date with proceedings.

How does it work?

  1. Cataloguing & revenue estimation
  2. Create project plan and select sales channel
  3. Create event & marketing campaign
  4. Handle everything from buyer vetting to asset removal
  5. Comprehensive reporting and settlement

We catalogue and value your equipment, choose the best sale-format, supervise inspections and collections, create individual marketing campaigns and take over the commercial project management including invoicing and payment collections.

Cataloguing And Revenue Estimation

After a comprehensive check of the assets on site, we verify the general marketability. If this is given, you receive our proposal as well as our estimation of the potential revenues based on current market conditions.

Project planning

Together with our clients, we review each individual project and choose the best sale-format. Based on the result we create a project plan including all relevant activities and milestones up to the clearance of the premises if required.

Comprehensive marketing strategies

We advertise your surplus capital assets, so we draw the attention of as many customers as possible to the sale event. For this purpose we use various marketing channels:

  • Email Marketing
  • Print and Online Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Trade Show Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct Mail

Project processing

As a full-service provider, our mandate reaches far beyond sales. We take over the commercial processing, the invoicing and the collection, the coordination of the dismantling and removal of assets as well as the export and the corresponding sales tax treatment.


After the auction our clients receive a comprehensive post-sale reporting including the results of all individual items as well as event statistics with the relevant performance figures.

Proven sales channels

We auction and sell your surplus or unrequired assets. We set client and situation specific sale strategies with the aim of maximizing your return.

Online auction

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Live auction

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Private treaty

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Online auction

Online auctions are completely web-based sale events, where used machines and equipment are offered and buyers from all over the world can bid over the Internet. Our online auctions help to overcome local market conditions and achieve the best possible selling price. Through online auctions, sales can be realized quickly and transparently.

Live auction

Live auctions are our traditional business. In times of internet and globalization they are increasingly rare, however there are project situations, where live auctions are the right choice. We recommend live auctions typically when it comes to strict time frames for the removal of assets, a physical inspection of assets is essential or the spatial conditions require personal contact and a joint planning. By the way: we conduct insolvency collective auctions at our location in Berlin on a regular basis. Come stop by!

Private treaty

Due to their inimitability (e.g. special machines) or complexity (e.g. entire production lines), special equipment needs special treatment on the market and must be advertised differently as opposed to common machines and equipment. A private treaty, in particular, is the right sales format when goods with a limited sales market have to be addressed. Our experienced team conducts market analyses, localizes end-users, contacts potential buyers and negotiates sales on behalf of our clients. The marketing period is generally longer than for online auctions. This gives potential buyers enough time to approve budgets and internal procedures, to examine technical issues and to identify the follow-up costs. All bids/offers are submitted on a standardized bidding form, which becomes a purchase contract once bids are accepted. The form is adapted to the respective circumstances, in particular also with regard to the local health and safety standards.

As a publically appointed and attested auctioneer we maintain a close relationship to the chamber of commerce and thus have access to the entire German network of publically appointed experts and auctioneers.

Advantages of auctions:

Quick and transparent sales

Maximum revenues through biddig process

Process-oriented disposition

Complete processing from a single source

Comprehensive post-sale reporting

Advantages of private treaties:

Solution for sales with a small buyers' market

Direct contact to target groups

Process-oriented disposition

Complete processing from a single source

Comprehensive post-sale reporting

Our pricing models are adaptable to each individual circumstance, thus producing a fair and clear result.

We are happy to assist you with your challenges. Simply get in touch.


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