Lost And Found Auction

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Live auction of various bicycles and lost property


  • Bikes
  • Lost property

Specific auction terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions

You need to know the following before we start:

  • A buyer’s premium of usually 15% will be charged on the final sales price. You bid excluding VAT. Example: 100 EUR bid price + 15 EUR buyer’s premium + 21.85 EUR VAT = 136.85 EUR total price. Differing buyer’s premium will be announced during the auction.
  • We sell all assets „as is, where is“ without any guarantee. The offered assets are used. We do not perform any function tests and some items may be defective.
  • The auction is an official process. All sales are binding and final. You can not return goods to us.
  • We used our reasonable endeavours to ensure that the description of each lot(s) appearing on the site are accurate. However the descriptions and images are without obligations and can contain errors. Please rely on your own judgment as to whether the lot accords with its description or not. We highly recommend to inspect the lots.
  • You must pay on the day of the auction, in cash or by EC-card.
  • We conduct auction on a regular basis. The lots have to be collected as soon as possible, because the next items are on the way to us already. You have four working days for collection. We charge storage costs from the fifth day of 25 EUR/day for vehicles and 12,50 EUR/day for all other items.
  • Our terms & conditions of sale and scale of fees have been put up in the auction room. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our opening and collection hours:

Mo-Thu 08:00 – 16:00 CET
Fri 08:00 – 14:00 CET

Before Live Auction   Catalogue: For each auction we provide a catalogue including all items to be auctioned. In our regular bankruptcy collective auctions you can purchase the catalog at the auction house for a protection fee of 2.50 EUR. In addition, we provide the catalog on the event page on the Internet for download and self-printing.   Inspections: In our live auctions, we usually have fixed inspections. You will find the dates in the notice to purchasers section on the respective event page. In addition, we will issue flyers in the auction room at Werdauer Weg 23, 10829 Berlin, on which the upcoming auctions and inspection dates are indicated. We recommend to visit the lots before the auction.   Registration: You must register to participate in our auctions (exception: lost and found auctions). Before the auction starts you can fill out registration forms in the auction room. Please provide proof of identity or an equivalent identity for registration. The complete address must be evident from the proof. After successful registration, you will receive a bider number from us. The bidder number can be returned to us after the auction.   Written bid: You can not personally participate in the auction? Too bad, but no problem. Forms for the written bids are available at the checkout. On the event page of the respective auction, we also provide you with the form for submitting written bids. Please enter the item number, the name and your maximum bid in the form. We accept written bids until the start of the auction in person or by fax. Your written bid will then be entered into the auction list of the auctioneer for consideration and treated as if you were in the room. We only bid on your behalf as long as there is a counter bidder. A valid registration is required to submit a written bid.   During Live Auction   Do you have a catalogue, have you inspected the lots of interest and are you registered for the auction? Excellent, now we can start with the auction.   Expiration: Please pay attention to the announcements of the auctioneer. We auction consecutive numbers as stated in the catalogue. In individual cases, we reserve the right to change the order and to exclude or summarize lots.   Reserve: A reserve is the minimum sale price a seller has set for a lot. Once the reserve is met, the lot is sold. In case the reserve is not met at the end of the auction the lot remains unsold.   Acceptance of a bid: The bid of the highest bidder will be accepted after his bid has been repeated by the auctioneer three times. If more than one person makes the bid at the same time, the auctioneer decides. If there is any doubt, the lot can be auctioned again.   Conditional sale: If a reserve is not met, we still strive to reach an agreement between the seller and the highest bidder to complete the purchase. The auctioneer may - subject to your agreement - accept the underbid as conditional sale. Bidders are bound to their bid for 14 days. We will try to get a confirmation from the seller for the bid price as soon as possible.   Bid increments: **   A bid increment is the amount by which the next bid is increased. The bid increment is based on the amount of the current highest bid. Highest bid + bid increment = next bid   *Increments: *   Up to 30 EUR: 5 EUR   30-100 EUR: 10 EUR   From 200 EUR: 10% of the full 100s   These are only the usual guide values. The auctioneer is also free in the determination of the bid increments.   **After the Live Auction   ** Payment:** The purchased items must be paid in full on the auction day. We accept cash and EC cash. Wire transfer might be an option by agreement. Please ask us.   ** Pick-up: ** After complete payment, you will receive the original invoice with "paid in full" note from us. Please show this receipt at pick-up. The buyer is solely responsible for the collection. Please plan any disassembly or loading accordingly. The pick-up times are being announced by the auctioneer and / or are listed in the catalogue. If the items are not collected in time, we charge storage charges. The scale of fees have been put up in the auction room.   Aftersale: We usually offer a temporary aftersale for unsold items. Details of the aftersale are being announced by the auctioneer.


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