How it works

Using our advanced international marketplace and systems, it has never been easier to buy and sell industrial assets. In just a few steps you can add equipment, commercial real estate and even complete businesses to our site and offer them for sale. Find industrial equipment by using our keyword search or browse by category for suitable items.

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Search Industrial Equipment

Our easy-to-use search-engine makes it simple to find what you are looking for. You can easily filter the results by location, category, manufacturer or any one of a whole number of other criterion. Furthermore, for those with a very specific interest, items are viewable by industry.

Communicate Directly with Sellers

An integrated contact form gives you the opportunity to contact sellers directly and to receive an answer from the people who are best placed to supply you with the information you need. But don’t worry about missing a message - our activity log allows you to look back at your message history at your own convenience.

Follow Sellers

Stay up-to-date with the offerings of your favourite sellers by linking them to your account and receiving updates when new items are listed – never again will you miss the opportunity to get your hands on the machinery you require!

Watch Items

Every item can be observed in real-time using our convenient watch-list functionality. Good news!

Save Searches & Receive Notifications

Still not found what you were looking for? You can save searches on your account – our search-bots will do the hard work for you and send you a notification as soon as they find items they know you’ll be interested in hearing about. Of course, should your needs change, our bots can be told to work on other tasks at any time.

Submit Proposed Prices

Once an item is open, the detail page can be used to submit offers at any point up to the close date. Just click on the ‘Submit an Offer’ button, enter your offer amount and the seller will get back to you in due course. Do make sure that your entered value is not too far away from the asking price though, otherwise your offer won’t be submitted – but we’ll make sure to inform you of this, should any errors creep in along the way.

Add & Manage Assets

Add your assets to our site in two simple steps and manage them via your phone or desktop computer. You can then access your inventory directly from your account’s personalised dashboard. From here, you can edit asset details, upload pictures, create a listing as well as send a request for expert services.

Sell Assets

All you need to do to sell assets is create a listing from an asset in your inventory - set a sales price and your item will be published immediately, available to a worldwide network of potential buyers on Why not give it a go and see how easy it really is? Your first listing is on us!

Receive Offers

Once published on the website, interested buyers submit non-binding price offers, which will show up on the relevant asset detail page. And to make things really easy, all the current activity on your lots is summarised on your dashboard for easy viewing, so you’ll never miss a trick.

Communicate Directly With Buyers

Should buyers have any questions about your assets, they can submit an enquiry form via the asset detail page, at which point you’ll be notified by email. Your response and on-going communication will also be posted on the asset detail page, but rest assured that the communication will only be visible to the parties involved.

Share Assets

Should you wish to bring your existing customers’ attention to new assets you have posted online, a few clicks on our website will enable you to do this via email or social networking, because let’s face it, ignorance isn’t bliss!

Create Your Own Profile

Allow buyers to more easily find your wares by creating a publically-accessible profile, including information about your company along with your contact details. Your published listings will be visible to everyone who views it, making it the perfect place both to direct frequent buyers as well as to introduce your company to new customers, enhancing business development. Our experience shows that a well-formed profile creates trust among business partners and significantly increases the chance of selling assets. And what’s better, we don’t charge you anything for this service.

Checklist of Benefits

For buyers

Find the assets that you need quickly and easily

Source required equipment that is not currently available

Convenient and easy-to-use messaging functionality

For sellers

Save both time and money with our asset management tools

Access an international network of buyers

Increase your visibility and web presence with a supplier profile