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RWE AG is a German energy company headquartered in Essen. RWE Generation is currently one of the leading power generation companies in Europe and is a top performer and centre of competence for conventional power generation within the RWE Group. The company currently has a power generation capacity of over 40,000 Megawatt and a workforce of around 14,000 people at 70 locations.

AssetOrb sells and auctions unrequired or idle assets of the various locations on behalf of RWE on a regular basis.

The sale offerings are being posted on this website and will be updated constantly.

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Ingo Weyand
Ascheweg 15

42369 Wuppertal

Phone: +49 202 69 83 956
Fax: +49 202 69 83 958
ingo.weyand@assetorb.com https://assetorb.com

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